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 Our Story            

Our Mission Statement:


To make music making fun, approachable and affordable for any hobbyist on the piano, the  keyboard or the organ. 

Our History:


Keys to Fun has been teaching music and wellness in Rhode Island since 2004. Our goal has always been the same: to remove the negative stigma often associated with music lessons. 

We strive to make our lessons a fun, relaxing and enjoyable social experience. Although we do teach all age groups, our niche and most popular program centers around teaching an adult program composed specifically for those 45 years old and older! This niche has set us apart from other music stores. Our attention to adults derived from the desire to set some focus on a very underserved part of the population: people that have always wanted to learn to play music but believe that they have waited too long. We hope to prove to you that it's never too late to have Keys to Fun!

John Spencer
Founder’s Notes 


"We've had students bring us prescriptions from doctors that say, "take music lessons!" That goes to show you how medical professionals embrace adult music making and the benefits therein.  Just try it! If not now, when?"

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1665 Hartford Avenue Suites 11& 12, Johnston Rhode Island 02816


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