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  Introduction to Music Making    

This is a 10 week course designed for adults (45+) that have either never played music before or those who played years ago and are looking to reacquaint themselves with the hobby. The lessons are held once per week at our studio. By the end of the ten weeks you will have seven songs under your belt, you'll be playing with both hands and you'll be reading elementary music!

Piano keys
  Intermediate Musicianship    

Over 80% of the students that complete Introduction to Music Making advance to Intermediate Musicianship. This 10 week course covers topics including advanced chord structuring, amateur arranging techniques and prelude and postlude construction  (amongst other topics). Our intermediate students really start to get a feel for how music is actually designed!

Fingers on piano keys
  Continuing Musicianship    

This is where it really gets interesting. In our continuing musicianship program you have control over your own schedule. We offer these lessons throughout the week during both the day as well as the evening and you can join us for as many as you'd like at no additional charge. Do you like Tuesday evenings? We have you covered. Does Wednesday afternoon work well next week? We'll be here awaiting your arrival. You receive our schedule at the beginning of each month and then you decide how you'd like the lessons to fit into your day. Among many of the topics covered, a popular one has always been, "how to fake it like the pros do" which is filled with "tricks of the trade". You'll sound like you've been playing for years before you know it!

Sheet Music Over Piano
  Private Instruction   

Is learning alone more your thing? We can help with that. We offer weekly lessons for either a half hour or an hour and during that time we can structure a program that specifically meets your personal musical goals. These lessons open to all ages. 

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