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Playing Piano

  Our Teachers    

John Spencer

I started taking music lessons at the age of three and have enjoyed playing the piano, the keyboard and the organ ever since. Back in 2004 I noticed that there was a void begging to be filled in music education. I found myself continually encountering adults who had always loved music but for whatever reason never had the opportunity to try to make it themselves. By that point many of these same adults saw themselves as "lost causes" or said that they were "too old to try anything new."


I manage the program at our studio that focuses on helping those students. Our adults program was designed to couple the desire to learn music as an adult with the documented health and wellness benefits that adult music instruction can provide. Now well into our second decade of instruction, Keys to Fun has helped hundreds of students realize their dreams of making music and we hope to help you do the same!" 

Marilyn Rollo

Marilyn came to us with a wealth of musical knowledge and classroom experience. "I'm a retired elementary school teacher, and also a classically trained pianist. I enjoy teaching both children and adults. I love sharing beautiful music. It is my hope that everyone will learn to do the same. When I'm not teaching, I love to cook and go on walks with my dogs! 

Daniel Scungio

Daniel is a proud Johnston native and came to us with a long term plan to pursue a career in music production and education. Along with a love for music, Daniel's interests also include sports--particularly basketball. His focus at Keys to Fun is introduce the hobby of music making to the next generation; children 8-12. 

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